Compassion Program

Help for those who need it

At KindPeople’s Collective we understand that dispensaries within the medical cannabis industry provide unique services that patients depend on when it comes to approaching cannabis as a medical supplement. Our aim is to develop a support system within the community built from trust, compassion and high service standards that we extend to each patient through our Compassion Program.

Our Compassion Program has been structured to produce long-term benefits for patients; By working one on one with a limited number of patients during three month periods, we hope to successfully assist each patient in discovering the most beneficial method of intake, as well as types of medical products that work most effectively for their unique symptoms and metabolism. As a result of working closely with individual patients we hope to gather data based off feedback and medical progress that will accelerate our ability to direct all patients more accurately towards appropriate medical products.

Throughout the length of time spent working with each patient we hope to establish a resource for emotional and professional support. In the long-term, after the patient has completed their personalized care within the program, the intent is that the patient will have more clarity and confidence about the products they purchase and use, in turn decreasing costs spent on irrelevant products, decreasing chances of undesirable effects as a result of insufficient information, and increasing the effectiveness of medical cannabis as a supplement to pharmaceutical prescriptions and pain killers.

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The KindPeoples Compassion Program is made possible by these generous vendors: